• M
    Curiosity fuels you. A perpetual hobbiest, you are driven by a basic need to build, create, and tinker with the world around you. You are a maker. Build at MADE, and meet more makers like you.
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  • A
    Beauty inspires you. You want to move others with the things you create. You use form and material to discuss your ideas. You are an artist. Create art at MADE along with the St. Louis artist community.
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  • D
    Simplicity energizes you. Form and function exist in perfect harmony. Solving physical and visual problems is your what you consider ‘fun’. You are a designer. Design and execute at MADE, and collaborate with designers like you.
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  • E
    Invention drives you. You have an idea, now you need to prototype it. Making your dream into a reality is your goal. You are an entrepreneur. Build your product and build your team at MADE.
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