Revie: custom centerpieces for St. Louis Public Radio by MADE


As part of their yearly gala, St. Louis Public Radio asked MADE to fabricate some one-of-a-kind custom centerpieces for their special event. Here is what they have to say about their experience with us:

“I was exposed to the high-quality, custom work of MADE when I attended an event that showcased centerpieces created specifically for the organization hosting the event. I was impressed with the craftsmanship and creativity that went into the work, so when St. Louis Public Radio began to plan the décor elements for our annual Talk Toast Taste gala, I was eager to reach out to MADE to explore how we might work together. MADE’s response was amazing. They were quick to start a conversation with us about how we might collaborate and to the delight of our team, especially our Visual Communication Specialist, David Kovaluk, they invited us to their makers’ space for a tour.

The excellent customer service that is displayed at MADE was front and center when we arrived for our tour and were met by Director of Membership Emily Elhoffer, Fabrication Manager Tim Varner, and Director of Operations Vince Schell. The MADE team was very generous with their time as they gave us a behind the scenes tour of the facility, explained how some of the tools and machinery worked and gave us a glimpse of some exciting projects in the works. Then they sat down with us to talk through what we were looking for and how our organizations might work together in a way that benefited both.

Several centerpiece designs followed and through collaboration, we came to a final design that met our needs and fit our budget with an agreement that served both organizations well. The finished centerpieces are spectacular and we know that they will elevate the feel of our gala when the time comes. We look forward to sharing our exceptional experience with MADE and helping our community learn about all the wonderful opportunities they can find there.”

-Leslie Davis, St. Louis Public Radio Special Events Director.

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