What is the Delmar Maker District? - MADE STL

Introducing the Delmar Maker District: St. Louis’s next destination for makers, creators, and do-ers. Locally owned, operated, and developed, the Delmar Maker District is an up-and-coming destination for St. Louis creatives. 

Whether you are a St. Louis local, a member at MADE, or a renter at Third Degree you might be wondering the following: what exactly is the Delmar Maker District? What is its purpose and how can you get involved? Good questions. We’ve put together this handy FAQ blog to get you up to speed on the details. 

What is the Delmar Maker District (DMD)?

A  / The core concepts of the District are live, make, sell. We give current and prospective artisans a place to learn, create, and thrive. Though the District is in the early stages of development, our goal is to transform this area into an unparalleled destination for St. Louisans and tourists to create, shop, learn, and socialize– all the while supporting our community of local makers in the process. 

Q   / Where is the DMD?

A  /  The District occupies the block of Delmar between Union and Kingshighway (an area that belongs to two different neighborhoods–Academy to the north and the Central West End to the south). Currently the two properties that are open and available to the public are 5200 Delmar (Third Degree) and 5127 Delmar (MADE), with many more exciting projects in the pipeline. 

Q  / Who is behind the DMD? 

A  / The co-founders of the Delmar Maker District are Jim McKelvey and Doug Auer. Their shared love of glassblowing inspired them to start Third Degree Glass Factory in 2002—following the success of this business, they’re tackling a much larger project together: the revitalization of this historic block of Delmar.

Q  / Who is the DMD for?

A  / The District will be a neighborhood that serves makers, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs of all walks of life. (You may have noticed that MADE is named for these four types of creatives.) We are creating a space where people who make things can live, create, and sell their work. 

Q  / How are the surrounding neighborhoods involved?

A  / Due to Delmar’s historic reputation as a racial and socioeconomic divide, we prioritize equity and accessibility with each decision we make. A development committee consisting of area residents, business owners, community leaders, and other stakeholders has been formed to ensure the interests of the surrounding community are at the forefront of the decision making process. 

Q  / What organizations are part of the DMD?

A  / MADE Makerspace and Third Degree Glass Factory are the founding organizations. We’re excited to be partnered The Magic House—this St. Louis staple opened a makerspace for children on the second floor of MADE this summer. Looking forward, we will be bringing other small businesses into the District to make this neighborhood an even more vibrant and diverse space. January 1st, 2020 update: we are pleased to announce that Craft Alliance will be a part of the Delmar Maker District in the coming year!

Q  / How can I get involved? 

A  / There are lots of ways to get involved! A few options are listed below. 

Come to Third Friday  / These monthly open houses are fun and FREE events the whole family can enjoy! Stop by Third Degree Glass Factory and MADE to enjoy live demonstrations, entertainment, delicious local food, and much more! Doors open at 6:00pm at both locations. 

Take a Class and Become a Member / There are so many opportunities to learn something new in the District. Both MADE and Third Degree offer classes and experiences, so you can hone your skills in everything from glassblowing and flameworking, to welding and woodworking. There’s no limit to what you can make!

Visit the Magic House  / For the youthful makers in your life, consider stopping by the Magic House on the second floor of MADE. This hands-on makerspace is an amazing place where kids ages 4 – 14 and their families can play, explore, create, and collaborate! 

Q  / What’s next for the DMD?

A  / We’ve got a lot of exciting projects and events in development for the coming year. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date with the latest news!