Benchtop CNC Mill - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
X: 15.8 in, Y: 12.0 in, Z:5.315 in
Benchtop Mill Access Training
Wood, Plastics
$5 / hour

The Roland MDX-50 is a benchtop CNC mill suited for small machining operations. It can mill high quality functional parts out of wood, plastic, or foam. The SRP player CAM software that is uses is designed to create parts without any prior knowledge of CAM software on the part of the operator, making this tool excellent for beginner-level makers. MADE’s CNC mill has a 4th axis to allow for more versatile machining operations.

MADE’s 3D printers and mill are provided in partnership with Computer Aided Technology, a St. Louis distributor of high-end 3D printers. Members commonly use the benchtop CNC mill

Sign up for training on the Roland and use it as a member! More info on training here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the benchtop CNC mill cut through metal?

The MDX-50 does not have enough torque to be able to effectively cut through metal.

What is this machine typically used for?

The MDX-50 is a rapid prototyping machine that can make functional parts without the layering that you would see in 3D printing.

What software does the mill run from?

The MDX-50 uses the proprietary SRP player CAM software to create its toolpaths. The software is vary user friendly and allows a users to successfully cut their parts with very little knowledge of CAM software.

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