CNC Lathe - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
18” x 9.5” x 16.25” (spindle nose to table). 4th Axis available, 360°.
CNC Lathe Access, AutoCAD
Plastics, CNC, Machine Shop
Plastics, Metal
$5 / hour

The CNC Lathe is a computer controlled tool that spins a workpiece around an axis and moves a cutting tool into the stock to shape it. It is controlled by a computer, which allows it to easily create complex shapes that would otherwise require complicated setup on a manual machine. The machine uses G-code written either manually or by CAM software to control its movements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tolerance can the machine hold?

The CNC lathe is capable of achieving tolerances of within .002” with careful setup.

Do I need to provide my own tooling?

MADE provides tooling for you to use, but if you are serious about using the machine you may want to invest in personal tooling that isn't shared with others.

Can I cut wood on the Lathe?

No, but members can use MADE's wood lathe or desktop CNC mill for wood.

What type of file does it require?

The CNC lathe reads G-code and translates it into machine movements.

How do I program the machine?

You can program it by either writing out your G-code line by line, or with the assistance of CAM software. Fusion 360 is the software MADE uses to setup tools paths for the CNC Lathe. MADE offers classes to help you learn how to do this effectively.