English Wheel - MADE STL
Max 16 ga.
Metal Forming Access
Metal Shop

The English wheel is a manually operated metalworking tool that allows you to form smooth, compound curves from flat sheets of metal such as aluminum or mild steel. Working with an English wheel is generally easier than manually hammering the steel, and creates smoother curves compared to using a pneumatic hammer. It forms smooth contours by rolling the workpiece between the lower wheel, or anvil, and the upper wheel, or rolling wheel. This process stretches and shapes the metal into the desired shape. The radius of the formed metal surface depends on the geometry of the upper wheel and anvil being used. Metal can be stretched or shrunk to form low crown curves (gentle curves with wide radii) or high crown curves (tighter curves with narrow radii). Curves with multiple directions of curvature are called compound curves.

The Jet WH-45T has a 45” throat, 10 anvils, and 4 rolling wheels.