Injection Molder - MADE STL
11" x 8" x 6"
Maximum Space
3 oz.
Maximum Shot
Injection Molding Access

An injection-molding machine forms plastic parts by melting plastic and forcing it into a multi-plate mold held in a powerful clamp. After the plastic freezes the clamp is released, allowing the finished part to be removed from the mold.

Common injection molded items include: plastic toys, electrical switches, lids, and more. MADE’s injection molder has been made to create corn on the cob skewers and prototype heart stents.

Fequent Questions

Can I make my own molds at MADE?

Yes, our CNC mill can be used to make molds for the injection molder.

Can I buy materials for the injection molder at MADE?

MADE has a limited quantity of materials available for purchase for the injection molder.

What materials can be used in the injection molder?

A variety of plastic pellets can be used within the injection molder. Contact us if you would like to use an unusual plastic.