Iron Worker - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
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The term Ironworker (or iron worker) refers to a class of machines that can shear and punch holes in steel plate. It can work with plate metals that greatly exceed the capacities of many of the other machines at MADE. In our metal shop you can access other tools to go with the iron worker, like our drill press, bandsaw, welding tables, and waterjet. The iron worker comes with interchangeable dies for punching holes into thick pieces of metal. Its shear can work on flat metal and also angle iron.

The Edwards 55 ton Ironworker is so named because it can generate 55 tons of force. It’s useful for plate steel, angle iron, and other thick metals. If you want to rent the iron worker as a member at MADE, you can start the process by signing up for a training session or metal shop class! Learn more and book time here. 



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