Jointer - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
8” wide. Min. ⅜” thick, min. 10” long.
Basics of Woodshop, Expert Check-off: Woodshop

The jointer is the first step used convert rough wood stock into usable pieces that have a flat face. Woodworking jointers are used to make one face of a board, and one adjacent edge, perfectly flat and square to each other. Jointers are also great for flattening out cupped boards, removing twist, and preparing board edges to be glued together. If you have any notion to work with rough lumber, you may want to consider getting a jointer. If you’re curious how jointers work, and if you need one, check out the rest of the article below. 

Want to use the jointer for your own projects? Sign up for some training to get started! Woodworking classes in St. Louis are offered at MADE Makerspace, and you can even use our woodshop when you decide to become a member.

Not sure where to buy your wood? MADE also has a selection of lumber for sale on our Lumber Ramp. Oak, ash, pine, maple, walnut, and more!

Frequent Questions

What should I bring when I reserve a slot in the woodshop?

Bring your own wood, fasteners, hardware, any any other consumables when you use the woodshop at MADE. The shop provides a limited number of clamps and some basic hand tools, and there are some hand-held power tools available for checkout (orbital sander, jig saw, circular saw, etc.)

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