60" x 17" frame
Quilting Access

Longarm quilting machines are used to sew together a quilt top, batting and backing into a finished quilt. The sewing machine head is mounted on wheels that run on tracks along a long frame that holds the layers of the quilt smooth and taut. Unlike quilting on a standard sewing machine, where you move the fabric past the machine, on a longarm you move the machine around over the fabric. Longarm quilting can take significantly less time than hand quilting or more traditional machine quilting, and it allows a very fluid, organic quilting style.

The Baby Lock Coronet is a straight-stitch sewing machine mounted on a moveable chassis, which allows you to free-hand quilt your own designs using the Manual and Regulated stitching modes. It has a 16” throat space and a 60” frame.

Fequent Questions

Is the long arm quilter controlled by a computer?

No, everything is freehand. You can, however, regulate stitch length the Babylock Coronet long arm quilter.

Can I buy materials for quilting at MADE?

MADE has thread and needles available for purchase. We have a limited supply of scrap material for testing on, and can help you source materials locally.