Longarm Quilter - MADE STL
60" x 17" frame
Quilting Access

Longarm quilting machines are used to sew together a quilt top, batting and backing into a finished quilt. The sewing machine head is mounted on wheels that run on tracks along a long frame that holds the layers of the quilt smooth and taut. Unlike quilting on a standard sewing machine, where you move the fabric past the machine, on a longarm you move the machine around over the fabric. Longarm quilting can take significantly less time than hand quilting or more traditional machine quilting, and it allows a very fluid, organic quilting style.

The Baby Lock Coronet is a straight-stitch sewing machine mounted on a moveable chassis, which allows you to free-hand quilt your own designs using the Manual and Regulated stitching modes. It has a 16” throat space and a 60” frame.

Fequent Questions

What should I bring when I reserve the longarm quilter?

Bring your own machine needle, bobbin, thread, and quilt top, back, and batting. You will get details on all of the above when you take the Quilting Access Class. You will also need your own hand tools (scissors, seam rippers, pins, etc.).

Can I buy materials for quilting at MADE?

MADE has thread and needles available for purchase. We have a limited supply of scrap material for testing on, and can help you source materials locally.

Is the long arm quilter controlled by a computer?

No, everything is freehand. You can, however, regulate stitch length the Babylock Coronet long arm quilter.

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