Max distance between centers: 40” Swing over bed: 14”
Metal Lathe Access
Machine Shop
Metal, Plastics

The Roland MDX-50 is a benchtop CNC mill suited for small machining operations. It can mill high quality functional parts out of wood, plastic, or foam. The SRP player CAM software that is uses is designed to create parts without any prior knowledge of CAM software on the part of the operator, making this tool excellent for beginner-level makers. MADE’s benchtop CNC mill has a 4th axis to allow for more versatile machining operations.

MADE’s 3D printers are provided in partnership with Computer Aided Technology, a St. Louis distributor of high-end 3D printers.

Fequent Questions

What materials are acceptable to use on the lathe?

Aluminum, steel, plastics and most metals. If it is something you are unsure about please ask a staff member.

Do I need to provide my own tooling?

MADE provides tooling for you to use, but if you are serious about using the machine you may want to invest in some tools of your own.

What type of chucks are available for the lathe?

MADE has 8” and 6” 3 jaw chucks, 8” 4 jaw chucks, and a collet closer using 5C collets.