Metal Mill - Machining Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
Max travel X: 34” Y: 12” Z:14.5”. Table size: 9” X 39”
Basics of the Metal Mill, Expert Check-off: Metal Mill
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The manual mill is a subtractive manufacturing machine utilized in machining that cuts by moving a metal workpiece through a type of cutter called an endmill. The workpiece is secured to the bed and then moved into the cutter in a precise manner to create the desired shape. It is possible to achieve a high level of accuracy with the metal mill. The JTM-4VS is a turret style mill based off the design made popular by Bridgeport in the first half of the 20th century. With the ability to vary the spindle speed, and the large variety of tooling and fixturing available, it is a very versatile machine.

Sign up for training in our machine shop to get started using our metal mill! MADE’s machine shop has couple different kinds of equipment for machining, including the mill and the lathe. We also have a CNC mill and a CNC lathe, which operate just like their manual counterparts but with computer controlled motors. Also in our machine shop is a variety of material hold-downs, collets, end mills, and a variety of hand tools to help with your machining needs.

Members have used MADE’s machine shop to fabricate aluminum molds for candy casting, stainless steel brackets for their custom bicycles, tailor-made parts for their prototypes, and more!

Frequent Questions

What is the speed range on the spindle?

60-4200 RPM

What materials are acceptable to use on the machine?

Aluminum, steel, plastics, and many other metals.

Do i need to provide my own tooling?

MADE provides communal end mills for you to use, but if you are serious about using the machine you may want to invest in tools of your own.

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