Panel Saw - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
74" tall
Basics of Woodshop, Expert Check-off: Woodshop
Wood, Plastic
$5/hour in Woodshop

A panel saw consists of a circular saw mounted on a carriage that travels on vertical guides to cut large sheets of material. It is typically used to break down large sheet goods such as plywood, particle board, MDF, or OSB. Most of these products are sold in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets, which can be cumbersome to muscle into place to cut on a table saw. Panel saws cut either parallel or perpendicular to the long axis of a piece of sheet stock. They cannot make angled or bevelled cuts.

The Powermatic Vertical Panel Saw 511 can make both rip and cross cuts.

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Frequent Questions

What should I bring when I reserve a slot in the woodshop?

Bring your own wood, fasteners, hardware, any any other consumables when you use the woodshop at MADE. The shop provides a limited number of clamps and some basic hand tools, and there are some hand-held power tools available for checkout (orbital sander, jig saw, circular saw, etc.)

Can I bring my own blade?

MADE provides a communal blade. If you’d like to bring in your own blade, our staff will change it out for you.

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