Photo Emulsion with Small Dog Prints - MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
8.5" x 11"
Basics of Photo Emulsion Screen Printing

You can try out the photo emulsion process at MADE using the unique products of Small Dog Prints! Make your own custom greeting cards, print one-of-a-kind designs onto gifts, create your own t-shirts, and more! The options are limitless.

Photo emulsion is a method of stenciling for screen-printing your own designs. An original images is drawn or printed on a transparency sheet, which is then laid onto a screen painted with photo-reactive masking chemicals. After light exposure, your design is transferred onto the masked silkscreen, making it capable of printing with a liquid ink.

Usually photo emulsion is messy, requires a lot of equipment and space, and expensive. Thanks to MADE’s partnership with Small Dog Prints, we’re able to provide retail and space for you to make your own screens in our shop!



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my emulsion screens on the printing press?

No, your emulsion screens come without a frame. You can build your own frame easily out of cardboard or wood, and MADE uses our lasers to create custom frames for the shop.

What types of designs are best to print on transparencies?

High resolution images, drawings, and designs with high-contrast. You want to work with the darkest resolution and 100% black ink.

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