Plastic Bending - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
Heating element is 20 inches (500 mm) long
Laser Cutting Access

A line bender, also known as a strip heater or plastic bending tool, is just a long skinny heating element that makes it easy to soften a sheet of plastic along a straight line, so you can bend it with your hands to an arbitrary angle, and/or against a jig for more precise control of the bend.

The Formech Line Bender 500 is a manually operated plastic blending machine that heats plastic sheets (up to 500mm wide) for bending. It is great for making items like boxes, menu holders, price holders and machine guards. Use the dedicated cooling jig to maintain the desired angle of the heat-bent plastic while cooling.

To gain access to the plastic bending and cutting tools at MADE, take a laser cutting class or training session! More info on training is available here.

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