Pneumatic Planishing Hammer - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
Max 16 ga.
Clearence: Mild Steel
Clearance: Aluminum & Copper
Basics of Metal Forming, Expert Check-off: Metals
Metal Shop

To planish means to flatten, smooth, or polish metal by rolling or hammering. The process of planishing uses many light blows to smooth metal which has already been formed by some other means. So always keep in mind when using a planishing hammer, the part you are making is first hammered out, roughed, or blocked out close to its final shape.

A pneumatic planishing hammer is driven by air power, allowing it to work at around 2,500 hits per minute. It is much faster than hand hammering, and the quality of smoothness obtained on the finished part is usually much better than what you’d get with hand hammering. It also ensures that the hammer die and anvil die are precisely aligned.

The Jet PH-24T has a 24” throat and 2-½” head opening. It can be used on mild steel up to 16 gauge, or softer metals like aluminum and copper up to ⅛” thick.

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