Printing Press - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
60" wide
Basics of Etching Press
Paper, fabric, plastic, wood
$10/hour, or $60/day

The printing press, or etching press, at MADE is a massive 5-feet wide and 17-feet long with powered rollers. This printing press can be used for both relief and intaglio style prints, like woodcuts, linocuts, and etchings. Members can bring their own print blocks, paper, and ink, and get to work printing on paper, fabric, wood, plastic, or a number of other materials.

MADE’s printing press can print massive-scale woodblock prints when combined with the CNC router in the woodshop, and even the laser cutter in MADE’s soft arts area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of printmaking can I do on the etching press?

The etching press is well suited for both relief and intaglio style prints (linocut, woodcut, etching). Members can bring their own print matrixes, or potentially make them using the other equipment in the shop (like the CNC router or laser cutter).

What kind of ink can I use?

Inks must be water-washable. We recommend Cranfield inks, which are oil based but can be cleaned up with soapy water. They look and behave much like traditional oil inks, but are much safer to handle and easier to clean up.

What do I need to bring to use the etching press?

Members provide their own paper, ink, and print matrix.

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