Scroll Saw - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
20” throat, 2” max. thickness.
Basics of Woodshop, Expert Check-off: Woodshop
Wood, Plastic

A scroll saw consists of a narrow blade mounted vertically in a frame and operated with an up-and-down motion, used for cutting curved and ornamental designs. The fineness of its blade means it can cut very tight curves and small details. It also allows you to start a cut from inside the material rather than from the edge, by drilling a hole and dropping the blade through.

Want to use the tools in MADE’s woodshop? Sign up for a training session to get started! Book yours now, on our website.

If you need some wood for your project, MADE also has a selection of lumber for sale on our Lumber Ramp. Oak, ash, pine, maple, walnut, and more! We source our wood from Lumber Logs LLC, a local urban log recycler, and if you’d like a larger selection be sure to check out their saw mill. Visit their website here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring when I reserve a slot in the woodshop?

Bring your own wood, fasteners, hardware, any any other consumables when you use the woodshop at MADE. The shop provides a limited number of clamps and some basic hand tools, and there are some hand-held power tools available for checkout (orbital sander, jig saw, circular saw, etc.

Should I bring my own scroll saw blade?

Yes, bring your own blades, or purchase them from retail at MADE.

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