Sewing Machine - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
Basics of Sewing
Free, training required

A sewing machine is used to stitch fabric (and other materials) together with thread. Rather than sewing by hand with a needle and single thread, most sewing machines form a lockstitch with two threads: the upper (needle) thread and lower (bobbin) thread intertwine in the center of the thickness of the material. To use a sewing machine, you steer the fabric under the needle with your hands while controlling the speed with a foot pedal. Once you get started, it won’t be long before you are making garments, bags, pillows, stuffed animals, dolls, ornaments, bean bags, placemats, purses, totes, hats, scarves, quilts, and more.

MADE has 3 domestic sewing machines available. They are free to use as a member, but training is required. Book training here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sew through leather with the desktop sewing machines?.

MADE doesn't recommend sewing through leather or tough materials with the desktop sewing machines. Our industrial walking foot would be more appropriate for thicker materials.

What should I bring when I reserve the domestic sewing machine?

Bring your own machine needle, bobbin, thread, and material to sew on. You will get details on all of the above when you take the Basic Sewing Access Class. You will also need your own notions (like snaps, zippers, rivets, etc.) and hand tools (scissors, seam rippers, pins, etc.).

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