Slip Roll - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
50.5” Wide, max. 16 ga.
Basics of Metal Forming, Expert Check-off: Metals
Metal Shop

A slip roll uses three parallel rolls to form light gauge sheet metal into arcs, cylinders, or cones. The two pinch rollers grip the sheet metal and feed it into the forming roller. The bottom pinch roller is stationary, and the top pinch roller can be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet metal. Adjusting the placement of the forming roller determines the resulting curve. The top roller lifts out to allow the removal of tight curves or closed cylinders.

The Birmingham X-5016E-C has 50” of working length and 3 wire grooves for rolling 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″ wire diameters. It can handle up to 16 gauge sheet metal.

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