Spot Welding - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
Max. 16 ga.
Clearance: Mild Steel
Basics of MIG Welding, Expert Checkoff: Welding
Welding Tables

Spot welding is done by a spot welder, and it is used to quickly and easily create a small weld using electric resistance. It has two electrodes that pinch two metal pieces together and apply current. The resistance between the metal pieces generates heat that creates a weld. Spot welding is generally done for thinner sheet metals, and can also be used for wire mesh. Thinner stock is easier to spot weld.

The Chicago Electric 45690 is a 240 volt spot welder that can weld up to 16 gauge steel. Learn how to use MADE’s spot welding machine in a welding class, learn more here!

Frequent Questions

Do I need to wear tinted glasses to use the spot welder?

Because MADE’s spot welder does not create an arc, you do not need to wear any shaded eyewear. You should, however, be wearing protective glasses in the metal shop.

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