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The table saw is a highly versatile tool that can be used for everything from fast and accurate rip and cross cutting to precise joinery like grooves, dados, rabbets, box-joints, and miters. It uses a circular saw blade mounted in a cabinet with a flat table and positionable fence. The operator can raise, lower, or tilt the blade, and lock the fence in position to make a cut. MADE has a dado set that we can change out for you in the table saw, and plenty of other tools in our woodshop in St. Louis. The table saw comes with use of our cutting fence, crosscutting fence, and miter jig.

Access to a table saw helps with nearly every woodworking project. Local woodworkers and craftspeople in the St. Louis region use the woodshop at MADE for furniture building, sign making, art projects, and more. Live-edge wood can be planed on our planer or CNC router, and we even sell hardwood in our shop!

A staple for woodworking in St. Louis, MADE’s table saw is one of the many machines we go over in our woodshop training session or woodworking classes. Book a training session to get started using the woodshop! Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring when I reserve a slot in the woodshop?

Bring your own wood, fasteners, hardware, any any other consumables when you use the woodshop at MADE. The shop provides a limited number of clamps and some basic hand tools, and there are some hand-held power tools available for checkout (orbital sander, jig saw, circular saw, etc.)

Can I bring my own blade?

MADE provides a communal blade. If you’d like to bring in your own blade, our staff will change it out for you. MADE also has a set of dado blades available for checkout.

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