CNC Mill for Machining - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
18” x 9.5” x 16.25” : Spindle Nose to Table
Basics of CNC Milling
Plastics, Metal
$5 / hour

A CNC mill Is a subtractive manufacturing machine that cuts a desired metal part from a digital design. Aluminum, steel, brass, and many other metals may be cut using the Tormach mill. Similar to a manual mill, the computer control allows more complex shapes to be cut easier and faster. A 4th axis is also available for the machine in order to to do more advanced milling.

Members at MADE can utilize our design software, Fusion 360, in our co-working space in our lobby. You can also download Fusion 360 for free for one year, non-commercial use, link here. Using this CAD software, you can design your own shapes and components for the Tormach to cut out in MADE’s machine shop.

Members use the Tormach to make everything from candy molds to custom brackets, machining small detailed automotive parts, camera equipment, and fabricating any other kind of metal part. It’s easily accessible in our machine shop, close to our CNC lathe, manual lathe, and manual mill (also known as a Bridgeport).  Our machine shop has some tooling available for members to use like collets, material hold-downs, endmills, and chisels for the lathe. We also have micrometers and calipers- almost everything except for your metal! If you need help sourcing materials for your project, our team is happy to help.

To get started using the CNC mill, check out our training options here!


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