Walking Foot - Equipment at MADE Makerspace in St. Louis
10" Throat
Basics of Walking Foot Sewing Machine
Textiles, Leather

Normal sewing machines guide the fabric under the needle from underneath, with feed dogs in the bed. That works well for lightweight fabrics, but when sewing on multiple layers or heavy or sticky material, it can allow the layers to slide apart or become displaced. In contrast, the walking foot sewing machine ensures all layers of fabric are fed into the machine at a consistent rate by the feed dogs and a two-part presser foot. The two parts of the foot, the presser foot and a needle foot, “walk” the fabric under the needle in concert with the motion of the feed dogs.

A walking foot sewing machine preserves flat, even seams in layered fabric. For low-friction materials like leather and vinyl, the walking foot can ensure a steady sewing speed without worrying about material slipping out of place. This machine guides the fabric smoothly through the machine, and protects thick, cushiony materials from potential jams. This machine is idea for sewing heavy materials like leather, vinyl, canvas, upholstery, and denim.

Members have used this tool to hand make leather purses, sew vinyl canopies for their patio, hem jeans and denim jackets, and fabricate plastic covers for furniture. Located in our textiles bay, a reservation on this tool includes access to our 48″ x 96″ cutting table, and our 48″ x 98″ wood layout table.

Frequent Questions

What should I bring when I reserve the walking foot?

Bring your own machine needle, bobbin, thread, and material to sew. You will get details on all of the above when you take training. You will also need your own notions (like snaps, zippers, rivets, etc.) and hand tools (scissors, seam rippers, pins, etc.).

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