The Lumber Ramp @ MADE - Buy hardwood in St. Louis

Looking for hardwood in St. Louis? We’ve got you covered! MADE has hardwood for sale in our makerspace at 5127 Delmar Boulevard. We’ve dubbed it “The Lumber Ramp @ MADE”, since it’s located next to our man-ramp leading toward MADE’s woodshop. Planks and blanks of all kinds- cherry, ash, maple, oak, walnut, and more!

Our wood is sourced from Lumber Logs LLC, a local urban log recycler here in St. Louis. They collect lumber-worthy logs that normally would end up being ground up, burned or buried in a landfill and see that the wood gets a more noble end. All lumber is random width rough sawn and either kiln dried or carefully air dried or drying. They stock uncommon species Рall from the St. Louis forest. To visit their warehouse, Lumber Logs LLC is open the first and third Saturdays of each month from 9 Р11 am with no minimum order. All other sales are by appointment. Their phone number is 314-570-1175, or you can email


You can purchase some of their hardwood selection at The Lumber Ramp @ MADE, which is open to the public all week! Swing by MADE Makerspace at 5127 Delmar Boulevard between 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesday through Saturday, and 10AM to 7PM on Sundays.