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Hello MADE community! We hope you are staying safe, and planning your next MADE project while you are at home. Our team misses everybody so much, and we eagerly await seeing you again.

The stay at home order is in effect, and we have not scheduled our re-opening date as of yet. However, did you know MADE has been sponsoring a few amazing efforts helping local healthcare providers and emergency responders? Even during a pandemic we are still driven by the need to support local makers and our essential workers on the front lines. In times like these MADE could use support too.

Face Shield Initiative STL: Based out of MADE, Face Shield Initiative has been able to supply 70+ hospitals, nursing homes, and fire houses with over 7,800+ donated face shields. These shields protect faces and masks in crowded and contaminated spaces. We’ve been utilizing MADE‘s laser cutters and 3D printers to fabricate, and we’ve been able to assemble up to 400 a day. You can find out more about our initiative at


Laser-cut intubation chambers: intubating patients is a dangerous task, as it can push aerosolized matter into the face of our beloved doctors and nurses. Together with Tim McNabb of Gateway Escape Rooms, we have designed and fabricated some modular ‘chambers’ to keep COVID patients undergoing intubation from contaminating their care providers. You can find out more

UV Sterilization Chamber: Since our doctors and nurses have to re-use their N95 masks because of a national shortage, it is imperative that these masks can be sterilized easily to go back on their faces. Tim Varner, MADE‘s fabrication expert, built a UV sterilization chamber for a unit at Washington University last week. If you’d like him to make you something, check out

We are looking forward to opening the doors back up to the whole community again, so please stay tuned for further updates! Again, if you are able to support us through these efforts, please contact us to extend or renew your membership, or to purchase credits or gift cards. We can’t wait to hear from you!
Stay healthy,
Your team at MADE



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