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Thinking about a membership with MADE? This is fantastic news. We like the look of you already—our guess is that you have a passion for making things, just like we do. Perhaps you are a weekend crafter with sawdust-covered work boots and pockets full of fabric scraps. Or maybe you’re a full-steam-ahead entrepreneur with prototypes to make and an empire to build. Whatever your story, we are here to help! With your savvy smarts and our no-nonsense know-how, we are going to be an unstoppable team.

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Custom & Corporate Packages Available

Interested in a group membership, or in sponsoring training for your employees? Pre-applied funds can be shared amongst individuals, and it comes with special pricing for bulk credit. Contact our membership director below, and make a new adventure.

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MADE Makerspace has over 190 members, with plenty of room for more! Each member has their own story, their own projects, and their own personalities they bring to our community. Some members join MADE with a ton of prior experience- others join with no prior experience in making or fabrication. MADE is an inclusive community built on a passion for creative exploration.

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