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At MADE, safety comes first. Our makerspace is supported by its community of competent and passionate members. In our Access Training classes, you will learn how to use MADE’s equipment safely, effectively, and gain comprehensive knowledge on its basic use. And you don’t even have to be a member to take them!

MADE also provides a plethora of software training opportunities. Our software is available to help you start your project digitally, and utilize the range of CNC equipment MADE has to offer.

Maybe you just need a quick refresher to show us you’re already a wiz in the woodshop. Maybe you need in-depth instruction on the welders at a pace that fits your learning. You do not have to be a member to sign up for Access Training at MADE. All Access Training sessions are one-on-one, and can be as long or as short as your experience requires, billed at $50/hr.

Access Training is required if you plan to use equipment at MADE as a future or current member.

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Learn how to use the table saw, miter saw, band saw, jointer, planer, router table, and sanding equipment at MADE! Alternate training sessions for the wood lathe and CNC router.

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Laser Cutter

MADE's lasers are our most popular piece of equipment! Learn how to cut, etch, and engrave in a private training session.

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Get sew smart in our textiles bay. Choose between training in basic sewing, quilting, or CNC embroidery! Better yet, book all three!

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3D Printing

Rapid prototyping, or 3D printing, is a great skill to learn if you are inventing a new idea or product. Learn the ropes with a MADE expert.

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MADE's 8' x 10' waterjet can cut through up to 6 inches of materials including metal, granite, and glass. Learn how to control this beast of a machine in a one-on-one training session!

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Coat your metal masterpiece in durable, colorful powdercoated surfaces! Learn how to apply and bake in a private training session.

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Basic Metals

Learn how to use MADE's metal shop: horizontal band saw, vertical band saw, cold saw, ironworker, tube bender, shears, grinders, and more!

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Fuse metal in a cool outfit! MIG and TIG training for any skill level.

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Although not required, MADE offers training in the software our members can access in-shop. This includes CorelDraw and Fusion 360. Email to begin setting up your training session.

Screen Printing

Print your own t-shirts or tote bags! Learn how to make a vinyl-cut silkscreen and MADE's printing press.

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Quilting, embroidery, sewing, and more! Learn all about our textiles bay in the amazing classes at MADE, run by experts in the field of fashion and design.

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Multiple Areas or Students

Want to bring more than one person, and/or learn multiple areas? Email our Education Director at for more information.

Everything Else

Don't see what you're looking for? Submit a request for Safety Training to our Education Director now!

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