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Child Memberships and Classes

Makers ages 14 to 18

Kiddos ages 14 and up can take any class at MADE to learn our equipment. As a member, your child can use the equipment in our soft arts area with training. This includes laser cutting, 3D printing, sewing, screen printing, and plastics. With child add-on memberships only $25/month, your kid can pave their own maker path at MADE.

Humans under 14 years old will have a blast in our upstairs facility run by The Magic House. Find out more here!

Youth Policies

Can I bring my child as a guest if I'm a member?

Yes, adult members may bring their children of any age as their guest if the adult member is renting equipment in the soft arts area (lasers, sewing, 3D printing, etc.) Members may bring in children as guests if they are over 14 to accompany them within the hard arts area (welding, woodworking, and metals). Guests are not allowed under any circumstances to operate any tools within the shop. Members may not leave their children at the front desk. We will feed them coffee!

Can my child train on and use equipment?

Members between 14 and 18 may independently rent tools in the soft arts area (lasers, 3D printers, screen printing, and sewing) if they have received the proper in-house training. Members between 14 and 18 may rent tools in the hard arts area (welding, woodworking, metals) if they are accompanied by an adult member who has also received training.

Do you run summer camps?

Currently, MADE does not offer any programming specifically for youth.

How much are children memberships?

Memberships for children are $25 plus tax per month.


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